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In 2015 Chief Fenton Williams retired after 23 years of service to this great nation. After retirement he decided that he wanted to embark on a new kind of service. Fenton has always had a love for cars, so it was only fitting that he was to get involved in the auto industry. Fenton decided the first step to getting in the auto industry was to sell quality used cars. During the process of finding a place to sell used cars Fenton met Terry Tichy which was a long time master mechanic which had an auto repair shop that had the ability to also sell used cars. The auto repair mostly serviced Volvo automobiles. Fenton and Terry entered into a partnership where Fenton could sell used cars and Terry could keep on maintaining his customer’s cars and repairing the used cars. At first this was a great fit, Fenton sold used cars at a fair price and Terry would repair and maintain the cars Fenton sold while maintaining great service for his customers. After about nine months into it Fenton came to the conclusion that since we had to repair and maintain the used cars that we might as well repair vehicles for the public too. Fenton found himself in a position that he had to find an expert technician that could repair Volvos and many other types of vehicles. After learning that no two mechanics are the same Fenton met Shawn which had been a mechanic for many years that had also studied electrical engineering. This was a great fit for the repair shop. Someone that could do electrical diagnostics and repair all makes and models. Shawn himself was use to maintaining and repairing Mercedes, however after working with Terry and the repair shop he quickly got a taste of the market and was able to become very knowledgeable in the Volvo systems. The auto repair shop now maintain all makes and models, the Service manager Dane is a highly trained mechanic also with a background in electrical engineering and custom auto fabrication so Chief’s Auto now does some custom auto work as well. Jeff has taken over the role of Sales Manager and doing a great job with ensuring standards are being maintained. Fenton is still at the auto repair shop and actually responsible for doing all Virginia Safety Inspections. The entire team is dedicated to ensuring customers are being treated with respect and receiving quality repairs or buying a quality used car.